Published on 27 Oct 2023

A Guide to Sending Money Home: Tips, Strategies, and Everything in Between.







You’ve finally settled abroad and probably gotten a job. Now, you’re thinking about the most convenient way to transfer money back home without any stress. Welcome, have a seat, you have come to the right place. In this article, we have put some tips together for sending money abroad, offering valuable insights to make the process seamless, secure, and cost-effective. Keep reading!

First Things First – Choose the Right Remittance Company.

When looking for a platform to send money home, consider factors like speedy transfers, low fees, and unbeatable exchange rates! Choose a remittance company like Blaaiz that has got your back, ensuring your hard-earned cash is delivered securely to your friends and family hassle-free. We are happy to be your Money "BFF" on your global journey!

Maximize Value for Your Money.

Some remittance companies charge transfer fees while others offer free transfers on all transactions. Since the former mostly spells out the amount they’ll charge for transfer fees,  we’ll focus our attention on the latter. Sometimes, the word free isn’t what it claims to be. Watch out for payment solution platforms that dangle the words “zero transfer fee” in your face just to attract you, as most of them have hidden charges, marked-up exchange rates, and other costs that will leave your mouth agape.  Another way to get the most value for your money is to keep an eye on the exchange rate margins, which fluctuate constantly. Look out for periods when the exchange rates are most favorable to maximize the value of your remittances and ensure your loved ones receive the most from you.  At Blaaiz, transparency is at the heart of our business and our word is our bond. We offer zero transfer fees on all transactions and real-time exchange rate insights to guide your transfers. When we say free, we mean it!


Safeguard Your Transactions

One of the worst things that could happen to a person is to lose money, whether free or earned. Losing the money you worked hard for hurts twice as much as losing the money you got for free. Therefore, security is paramount when sending money abroad. You should choose a remittance platform like ours that deploys robust encryption and multi-factor authentication to protect your funds and data. Understanding the security measures in place provides peace of mind during the entire process.

Ensure the Accuracy of Beneficiary Information.

You also want to make sure that you are sending funds to the right recipients at all times. To avoid delays or potential issues, it is essential to provide accurate beneficiary information, including full names, and bank details. Double-checking these details before initiating the transfer helps ensure a seamless transaction!

PS: Don’t Forget about Compliance and Regulation.

Cross-border money transfers involve compliance with various regulations and anti-money laundering measures. Being aware of the requirements and ensuring adherence to legal guidelines is vital. At Blaaiz, we prioritize compliance to maintain a safe and ethical ecosystem. Sending money across borders does not have to be complicated. All you must do is choose a technology-forward platform like Blaaiz to help you move money from your location to the next in minutes! As you pursue your dreams on foreign shores, remittances become the heartbeat that sustains your family and communities back home. By following these tips, you can navigate the world of remittances with confidence, making informed decisions to ensure the seamless flow of funds to your loved ones. Cheers!


Tofunmi Olusegun

Content Writer

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